Saturday, November 9, 2013

strong enough

It’s really long time i didn’t post anything huh? I really miss this blog so well. But i just can’t find anything to post. you guys know i actually not a fashion blogger. I just people who love fashion and live with it. And know here i am, stuck on my university. Did i tell you guys i take management now? Aish, i really forget what i already said on last post. So forgive me if i already told you before. Yeah i took management class on Trisakti School of Management, I know it such a really good school. Already 2 months here and freshly done my midterms and hell yeah its sucksss, a lot!! i really don’t like what i live now. It feels like oh my God where im now, i cry too much and feel my time getting really harder. I leave my passion and it’s dying me slowly. Maybe you guys think this is too much, but really i hate what i do now.

When i overly think and back to my childhood when i dream to be fashion designer when i older, yeah the dream still same right now. I choosed go to vacational high school rather than high school, i used to work for designer, Melta Tan and Patrick Owen. I used to help on Kawanku Magazine. I got a fashion scholarship and i think my dream will come true easilly, my Mom reject the scholarship and i can’t say anything. And here im, stuck right now. Believe me its really hard. Think this, all you love to do is designing and all you can do is stuck on your management class, management test, management quiz and all this shit things.

But yeah whatever, i believe im strong enough. I will find the way to keep my dream. Let see the positive sides! Do you guys think i must keep my dream and keep believe to myself? I hope so!!
Next thing i wanted to say, here the result from test shoot with Randy (photographer), Cristine (MUA), and Izabella (Model). Love to say i really love the result. Me as stylist, i still newbie as stylist so im still not good enough, haircrown and outfit made by me. And i joined Burgo fashion school fashion illustration competition last october, im not the winner but i love my design. What do you think guys?

Congratulation for my dearest* friend, Jessica Rusadi for her new tittle blog, my cup of tea. I made banner for her you can see it below. Hey, Jessica im really kind don’t i? Yeah guys, she is my crazy best friend, i don’t know whats wrong with her head but really, you guys must know.. she treats me like a slave. Haha, okay. Just sometimes but yeah i never have a friend like her. How can i say? She too cute? No, she definitely not cute! *i swear she will kill me after read this post. Hahaha. But she always there for me so thanks for her! I don’t know maybe she already tired will all my story but for sure i will always bother her with all my dramatic story, LOL haha. She really good with her english. Me? ahh you can see i'm bad in english. Haha. See you guys on the next post!
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Saturday, June 22, 2013


have you ever met someone who was never unexpected, unimagined?
like life just part of book which never be real 
many words unsaid...
chaotic feelings, tears fall down, lips curved smiling for no reason
many times you realize, you never get the truth or the lies 
all the things you do just waiting.. waiting for something that uncertain
not wishing, not hoping, just waiting

          Many words i want to tell yay! First, i did photoshoot for my book class. yeah finally my class want to make book that filled with photos  of our creation. And... here some results about my creations. Thanks for Michelle my model and Kenny my photographer. Last Tuesday was so fun!

detail of my wedding dress. michelle looks so beautiful in white right?
I made this dress when i still working at Melta Tan. She helped me alot! Thank you so much  ci :)
My final nation exam dress. I made it according to the procedure, granted by the government
I love the swingg good job michelle, xx

and... this kebaya that i made last year. the model was me because this is my size. ya you know im not good at modeling so sorry X_X
    Next thing is... working at Kawanku Magazine is such a nice time. Maybe last year i just as apprentice but now i am as freelancer! yeay! last time we went to Ancol beach and take some photoshoot at there for rubric fashion. Me as assistant stylist with Ella. The model was Riana Jacqueline, such a beautiful and nice person! i love her, we talk about many things there. goodluck for ur career Riana! xx

       hmm, wanna see my last design? yeah, this is for my class book cover. not necessarily used. but honestly myself liked it very much

front, what do you think?

  sooo, see you next post guys! have a nice weekend, xx
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Saturday, June 8, 2013


   Holla! Im already graduated! Yeay! And the good news i got really good final score, thanks God. J how your days fellas? Hmm, me? Tired enough te-hee. Im busy with my own work and some freelances. But evrything make me happy, im enjoyed it.
   I miss my friends and my high school life soooo damn bad L but no matter what we still must keep growing up right? Someday we will just meet each other and say “wooah, you looks really different” i know that haha. However anyway.. i entered fashion competition, i got call about how exactly i make that design, she told me that was beautiful design and i really honored. And she also told me she will call me back about 1 day until 2 days after that day.. but too bad i got no call J never mind life isn’t always good right?

   Back to the what i love, as you know... designing yay! Hmm, i got my free time today so i can designed some illustration. Check it out, and tell me what do you think ;) have a great day ahead!

design: Angelcia Hennata
who's dont know this pattern? dont lie! you must be know it! chequred <3
design: Angelcia Hennata
wanna make this outer, who's want? hmm

design: Angelcia Hennata
i love the red color and the baroque shape, do you?

design: Angelcia Hennata
simpson! the other pattern trend right now :)

design: Angelcia Hennata
houndsthoot pattern, so classic and ellegant hmm

design: Angelcia Hennata

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Friday, May 24, 2013

click ZALORA

sometimes maybe you feel the way i'm feeling now. need to shopping but really lazy to go out. everybody know there are much online shopping, one of them is ZALORA. Yep, i choose it. WHY? ZALORA Indonesia is the online fashion store shopping center in Indonesia that can answer the needs of men's fashion, fashion children, and especially women's fashion. Sound interesting huh?

Besides central online style latest fashion, ZALORA is perfect for your appearance cause their offering leading brands, both locally and internationally. And the nicest thing is they give free shipping to all INDONESIA.

for example, i found this Simple Chic black dress. really loved the pattern, too cutee and will make me so young right? i think its perfect dress for my holiday!!

so guys, waiting for what? click ZALORA and find your favorite fashion!

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Thursday, May 16, 2013


lately, i tried to find my self. where i stand on and where i want to go on. My Mom push me with many thought. She order me to revoke the fashion scholarship. I obeyed. She asked me to go to take public relation. And i obeyed. but time go far.. i think, all this time why i did all this things. why this far i must let go all my dreams. Fashion and art are my blood. I life to live it. i believe and i hve a faith. i tried to told my mom about it. fortunately she understand but with many requirements. Sometime i feel why this world unfair with me. But whatever i want to live in it :)

This is some my new illustration

. so what do you think? :)

And.. Last week i found indonesian website, that collect all best deals from time to time. dedicated to give online shoppers what they need. yeep dskon. i love their website. why? because i can find anything i need. articles, deals, informations and many things.

example, article about how to look confidence. the article is easy to read and has a strong meaning. honestly im not confidence with my body. but on this article, dskon told me to love my own self. Which interestingly is when they write the article they at once featured some blogger :)

you have to try to visit their website, here :)

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

one step closer

Being busy lately because of all the final examination. Now, just 1 more step.. yeah, final nation examination. Wish us luck!! Here’s some photo result of my final school and nation practice exam. For school practice exam, i made batik man shirt. And for nation practice exam, i made night party dress. Check it out and tell me what do ya think? ;)

Magen, my model wearing night party dress by me :)

Magen, my model wearing night party dress by me :)
Me with my model, Magen after fashion show

Me and My models, Hans and Magen. wearing men shirt and night party dress by me :)

me with my models and my beloved teacher :*

Jey my best friend has arrived at Jakarta week ago. Hangout with her and had a pretty much good time. I miss her funny like a hell!

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Friday, January 4, 2013


                 It’s almost 1 year i’m blogging this blog. I know this blog is very slow progress. I know why, this blog isn’t like others fashion blog who share their daily outfit. This blog just show my passion in fashion with art and love. But, i’m very thanksfully with you who read my blog, support me all this time.
                Many fashion bloggers inspired me to design something amazing, their style, their story or their interesting power of their blog were inspired me alot. I love read others blog, love to look their story behind it. And now, i’ve 5 bloggers that inspired me alot. Yeah, they are super awesome J so, i want to give them my artworks as my appreciation. keep inspiring me, keep awesome and i hope you guys like it J

and they are....

1. Diana Netaneel Caitilin from Callmediiiyn
2. Michelle Koesnadi from Glisters&Blisters
3. Elisabeth Paramita from voguish doodles
4. Mitha Komala from Letters to Juliet

5. Yuki Lusiana Eka from bellionducky
How about you guys? who is your inspiring bloggers?
now, this is my review my designs from last year..

And now, my new design. actually i inspired from SNSD-I got a boy style. but i mix it with comic pattern trend at the cape and shoes. i love the comic pattern! really fresh and unique :)

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