Thursday, May 16, 2013


lately, i tried to find my self. where i stand on and where i want to go on. My Mom push me with many thought. She order me to revoke the fashion scholarship. I obeyed. She asked me to go to take public relation. And i obeyed. but time go far.. i think, all this time why i did all this things. why this far i must let go all my dreams. Fashion and art are my blood. I life to live it. i believe and i hve a faith. i tried to told my mom about it. fortunately she understand but with many requirements. Sometime i feel why this world unfair with me. But whatever i want to live in it :)

This is some my new illustration

. so what do you think? :)

And.. Last week i found indonesian website, that collect all best deals from time to time. dedicated to give online shoppers what they need. yeep dskon. i love their website. why? because i can find anything i need. articles, deals, informations and many things.

example, article about how to look confidence. the article is easy to read and has a strong meaning. honestly im not confidence with my body. but on this article, dskon told me to love my own self. Which interestingly is when they write the article they at once featured some blogger :)

you have to try to visit their website, here :)


  1. cute :)

    oasap giveaway on my blog

  2. cute illustration, ci! I'm looking forward to see your own clothingline! <3

    gee, I'm lost of my words when I see that you like that article :')

    have a great week, ci!


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