Saturday, November 9, 2013

strong enough

It’s really long time i didn’t post anything huh? I really miss this blog so well. But i just can’t find anything to post. you guys know i actually not a fashion blogger. I just people who love fashion and live with it. And know here i am, stuck on my university. Did i tell you guys i take management now? Aish, i really forget what i already said on last post. So forgive me if i already told you before. Yeah i took management class on Trisakti School of Management, I know it such a really good school. Already 2 months here and freshly done my midterms and hell yeah its sucksss, a lot!! i really don’t like what i live now. It feels like oh my God where im now, i cry too much and feel my time getting really harder. I leave my passion and it’s dying me slowly. Maybe you guys think this is too much, but really i hate what i do now.

When i overly think and back to my childhood when i dream to be fashion designer when i older, yeah the dream still same right now. I choosed go to vacational high school rather than high school, i used to work for designer, Melta Tan and Patrick Owen. I used to help on Kawanku Magazine. I got a fashion scholarship and i think my dream will come true easilly, my Mom reject the scholarship and i can’t say anything. And here im, stuck right now. Believe me its really hard. Think this, all you love to do is designing and all you can do is stuck on your management class, management test, management quiz and all this shit things.

But yeah whatever, i believe im strong enough. I will find the way to keep my dream. Let see the positive sides! Do you guys think i must keep my dream and keep believe to myself? I hope so!!
Next thing i wanted to say, here the result from test shoot with Randy (photographer), Cristine (MUA), and Izabella (Model). Love to say i really love the result. Me as stylist, i still newbie as stylist so im still not good enough, haircrown and outfit made by me. And i joined Burgo fashion school fashion illustration competition last october, im not the winner but i love my design. What do you think guys?

Congratulation for my dearest* friend, Jessica Rusadi for her new tittle blog, my cup of tea. I made banner for her you can see it below. Hey, Jessica im really kind don’t i? Yeah guys, she is my crazy best friend, i don’t know whats wrong with her head but really, you guys must know.. she treats me like a slave. Haha, okay. Just sometimes but yeah i never have a friend like her. How can i say? She too cute? No, she definitely not cute! *i swear she will kill me after read this post. Hahaha. But she always there for me so thanks for her! I don’t know maybe she already tired will all my story but for sure i will always bother her with all my dramatic story, LOL haha. She really good with her english. Me? ahh you can see i'm bad in english. Haha. See you guys on the next post!
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