thanks for all support :) please tell me when you sponsor me on ur blog, or anything about this blog. and please kindly send me the link about it. tell me via email : Plumangelique@yahoo.com

Thanks for beautiful young girl, Bernadeth G from Miss Beatrix who Featured my illustration for her on her blog. Thank you so much! "You may not recall this outfit that I wore almost two years ago for a school event (from this post). Thanks to Angelica Hennata for drawing this one for me, you can see my photo wearing this gown and the original artwork on her blog!" - real post

My illustration be Andi Comia Banner Blog's <3
My illustration on Andi Comia Side Bar Blog's

Featured on Andi Comia Blog Post "LUCIOLE VIVACE" She said "Fortunately, I found/met online  Angelica Hennata of Luciole Vivace who is an AMAZING fashion designer/artist. Her drawings and designs are gorgeous! I can't believe she's only 17 years old!  I love them all so much that I want to show it to you guys :D Isn't she great?! I wish I had her talent! Plus she's really sweet and friendly :) You can check out her other fabulous works and  also send her a request!  Just go to her site at: http://angelicahennata.blogspot.com ! Send her some love while you're there! I hope she wins the INSPIRARE Competition! I want to see her designs come to life! Thank you so much Angelica! Much love!  "

thanks for sweet girl from bonjour tout le monde. Yeah, i got a award from she as bloggers who are relatively new to blogging.

featured on Lisa and her world - "A few weeks ago, I did blogwalking to Angelica Hennata's blog, the creative and smart girl from Luciole Vivace. I must say, truly from my heart, that her designs and drawings are really great! I've never seen design like that. She's designer in the making. Once again, thankyou Angelica Hennata! And one shocking fact is she's my senior in my JHS, BHK. Gosh, I feel so honored that she received my request :)

Featured on My Random Thoughts - "Thanks for Angelica Hennata, for her cute drawings for me! I love her sketch and the colors!"

My illustrations on My Random Thoughts Side Bar

My illustration on Lisa and Her World Side Bar- "Your drawings is fantastic <3"

my Design Featured on Kawanku Magz as a winner on their Wall of art #W124

get featured on Vloething as 10 blogs that are worth to follow from her blog followers. "Wow, her drawings are the greatest! I wish I have that great creativity!"

get featured on Cecile's. "She's such a young talented girl! I really love every sketch that she drew. Visit her blog to see another awesome sketches :)"

get featured on Voguish doodles. "Last but not least, I'm so happy to have received my first illustration drawn by one of my amazingly talented reader slash blogger friend, Angelica Hennata of Luciole Vivace. She draw several of my style from my blogposts, and you guys should check her drawing out. ;) This is one of my fave, out of 6 drawings she made me! Awhhh, thank you so much girly!! *smooch*"

my illustartion on Voguish Doodles

My design - Kawanku Magz #114

Cares Ambassador on www.kankerserviks.com

Finalist of Cares Ambassador with 9 others. (2011) - Kawanku Magz #95

sketched by Terry Nowel

Sketched by Terry Nowel

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