Saturday, June 22, 2013


have you ever met someone who was never unexpected, unimagined?
like life just part of book which never be real 
many words unsaid...
chaotic feelings, tears fall down, lips curved smiling for no reason
many times you realize, you never get the truth or the lies 
all the things you do just waiting.. waiting for something that uncertain
not wishing, not hoping, just waiting

          Many words i want to tell yay! First, i did photoshoot for my book class. yeah finally my class want to make book that filled with photos  of our creation. And... here some results about my creations. Thanks for Michelle my model and Kenny my photographer. Last Tuesday was so fun!

detail of my wedding dress. michelle looks so beautiful in white right?
I made this dress when i still working at Melta Tan. She helped me alot! Thank you so much  ci :)
My final nation exam dress. I made it according to the procedure, granted by the government
I love the swingg good job michelle, xx

and... this kebaya that i made last year. the model was me because this is my size. ya you know im not good at modeling so sorry X_X
    Next thing is... working at Kawanku Magazine is such a nice time. Maybe last year i just as apprentice but now i am as freelancer! yeay! last time we went to Ancol beach and take some photoshoot at there for rubric fashion. Me as assistant stylist with Ella. The model was Riana Jacqueline, such a beautiful and nice person! i love her, we talk about many things there. goodluck for ur career Riana! xx

       hmm, wanna see my last design? yeah, this is for my class book cover. not necessarily used. but honestly myself liked it very much

front, what do you think?

  sooo, see you next post guys! have a nice weekend, xx
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  1. wooow nice photoshoot! Btw please vote and join my giveaway maybe you're the lucky one

  2. Oh wow, you made these? Amazing job girl!

    Trendy Teal

  3. Great job dear.. I have doing photoshoot , for High Fashion photoshoot as Wardrobe (Fashion Designer) and Stylish!!! Very interesting job I think :)
    Keep it up dear !

    Chic Swank

  4. cool photoshoot! i loved it!


  5. great post. love your dress and your work ! stunning ;) feel free for follow

  6. loving the wedding dress much!!

  7. omg,your collections are amazing :)
    i love it!
    and goodluck for being a freelance,pretty ☺

    visit my blog on ,

  8. this book is amazing idea! good way to compile all the designs :)

  9. really great design xx love them ngel!

  10. It's nice here with you ~! :)
    If you just want to watch me
    And I'll watch you


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