Monday, September 24, 2012

Believe, you can do it :)

illustration by: Angelica Hennata
Sometimes we feel world is not fair to our life. Yeah, i feel it too sometimes. But, i think i’m one of unfair  people in this world said that the world is not fair to me. Its how we walk on it, it’s how we face it. HAHA LOL being so mature after got time to made Identity card? Ahhaha NO of course, just want to share what i think before. Hahahaaa.
                Love to share i really busy again this month, haha!! End of this month actually. But i love to do all the things i must to. I’ve to design some sketches for Glathia dancer, i must internship at kawanku, really fun at here really! Hmm, i have able to help Patrick Owen too for him new brand and it’ll launching this first oct!! U will see a really high fashion, and i hope and believe you guys love it! Hmm, and i now join illustration competition! Really excited!! Actually, before this i think i will not able to join this competition. But my heart said that i must join it whatever the deadline is so rushing to me. So, yeah again and again wish me luck guys!!!

anway, new banner !! really love it and of course it made by me!! hope you like ittt <3

This is one of hundred amazing illustration by Xiaoxi (Nancy) Zhang. Yeah, she is so amazing, and i really love the way she made an illustrations. I really love it and really really love it. <3

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  1. your header cii! love it :D makin keren aja nih illustrationnya <3

    good luck for your internship and busy schedule! wihh internship at kawanku? *speechless

  2. Looks great ,love it!
    follow new ,mind follow back? :)


  3. GOOD LUCK with the deadlines!!! and yea there are unfairness in this world we live in.

    Nancy's great as an illustrator! i agree!


  4. love your sketch as always <333 anw saw your design on escalades, you're sooo taentedd <33
    welll good luck on everything! xxx


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