Saturday, November 17, 2012

short time mean something

                So sorry for this really late post. However i’m back now! so MANY things i want to share to all of you J first, i had finished my internship time. Now i’m still work at Melta Tan when i have a time. And now, i live at dorm in my school.. fuhh, i was move on to a new house and it’s so far awy from my school. So, my mom said that i must live at dorm for a little while. But, i have no choice.. i think it keep my score to be good too..  last month i joined escalades fashion designer competition with theme “milenium” but too bad i’m not win again!! Hahahaha however it’s can’t break my spirit. I will always try and trying. God beside me and i belive to Him. J my school be rushing now. I prepare for my final test next year and i will graduate as soon!! I’m so happy and i’m so confused too!! I have a lot work here. My teacher appreciated me because i have a good score for internship although my wedding dress still not completed but they understand it. My classmate and my teacher support me always and it’s make me so happy. I have to complete Kebaya too. And this december my school will have a little fashion show at my school. My classmate and I will join it and share our creativity. So be there if you don’t mind it J wish a really2 luck for it because it’s like our final test for big fashion show next year, my teacher will assess us and like i said it final test for FS next year. Finaly, for the end of this post. Happy to share my illustration for all of you again, and happily now my illustration have an eye, nose and lip!!! Yeay.  I have learn a lot and i’m going all better. Thanks for support me!

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  1. ce, long time no see. I would love to see the fashion show, di BHK bukan ce? hehehe... btw this sketch is so amazing! astaga keren bgt ce.. salut.... good luck for your activities :)

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