Monday, September 17, 2012

sweet life sweet seventeenth

by: Angelica Hennata

                Time passed quickly, and last 16th September i’m turned to seventeenth girl! One of thousand special day this year. Love to say that i’ve been through this life with cheerful and hapiness, althought there are some time that make me down and hard to stand up again.. God bless me and asked me to face the world again and again.
                First, thanks to God who bless my all day for 17 years, i promise will always served Him forever and ever. Thanks to my Mom and Dad who always take care of me for 17 years. Thanks to my Brother, Sister and my friends who always made my days, cheer me up, wipe my tears, made me laugh, be something in my life. It’s really my pleassure to have someone like all of you.
                For readers who know i’m not like another blogger or fashion blogger, but keep reading my blog, support me, give a nice words to me, yeah you da one who made my days always and always. The support make me keep to keep my dreams, thank you very much.
                So, happy birthday to me. <3



  1. Happy bday ahong XD be the best among others & GBU ! :D

  2. thanx for commenting :) really nice blog !

  3. happy birthdayy sweetiee :DDD keep posting! i enjoy every single time reading your blog :DD kiss hug


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