Sunday, May 13, 2012

Ethnic and Letters To Juliet

Hey Guys, I really happy this weekend. you know why?  I really love to browsing about Fashion Designer Competition. And I found INSPIRARE Design Competition for WORLDWIDE. omg this is my change and I really thanks for God. So, now I join that Design Competition and the prize so WOW!! Wish me luck and please support me. I will strive and surrender to God for everything. Because I know, He will show me the best way J
Anway, I want to share all of you about my  Design for school. Now, my class is learning abut looks. Indian look, American look, Indonesian look, Bohemian look, Gypsy look, Vintage look, etc. about this assignment, I choose Indonesian look.. yeah, because I really love my country OF COURSE J I hope u guys love it <3

by: Angelica Hennata
Now, I will share to all of you about request from Letter from Juliet by Mitha Komala. Beautiful Young girl who love poems so much asked me to do her illustration.. and YUP, of course I wanna and love to do it. I love her blog, the way she mix match her outfit is really fresh look. So this is an illustration.. Hope she love it <3

by: Angelica Hennata
Now, This is Bonus for her. I love this outfit so much when she went out to Autumn wipe out at Ninotchka, really love the red polka outer. Really perfect match with black tank and high weist short jeans. actually, all of her outfit is really good, but I just want to choose this, I love the RED! <3

by: Angelica Hennata

So, thanks for Mitha who asked me to do this. it’s my pleasure to do this. and really hope you will like it. So guys, what are u waitin for? Go and follow her now, HERE.
i wanna thanks for sweet girl from bonjour tout le monde. Yeah, i got a award from she as bloggers who are relatively new to blogging.thank you so much dear!! i really honored!! 

last but not least, i wanna share for you about the endless wishlist giveaway. the prize so amazing! yuup she like to give TWO of the winners shopping vouchers of Rp 250,000 or $25 at June and Julia. (so Rp 500,000 or $50 for both :D) and of course this giveaway open internationaly!! check and join Guys, Here 

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  1. thanks for the lovely illustrations dear, i dont just like it, I LOVE IT! and goodluck for the competition dear, all the best <3 xx

    1. fiuh, really thankfull you love it :) Thanks Mitha. i will give the best for it <3

  2. cutee!
    i hope i can made the ilustration like you
    where did you make it? which program?thanks

  3. Lovely illustration. You're always inspiring! ;)

    MLU the blog.

  4. You did a wonderful job with the illustrations! They are beautiful! =)

    Melanie of Aetherlily

  5. Nice illustrations! great job! =D

  6. you have an amazing talent in sketching! still rare, but time will perfect it <3 I love how you bring the illustrations to the high level of art!

  7. great artworks! your a lovely genius <3

  8. I love your art! beautiful!

    Just found your blog and I will make sure to send some lovin your way through your sponsors or adds (if any)

    Have a beautiful day!

  9. wow - amazing sketches and outfts!

    thank U so much! :* :)
    your design is fine :)

  10. I came here through Mitha's (Letters to Juliet) blog, and I have to admit, you are extremely talented. I love the illustrations you have done for her.

    Keep creating. you are fabulous.

  11. oooh!!1 how i love your design :) so cute and pretty.. i wonder if you can design my header.. :p


  12. I tell you again I really love your illustrations!
    So how was your competition?
    Yeah we have the same dream :)


  13. I love your illustrations there so colourful and bright! x

  14. Those illustration are amazing! I've followed you back by the way :)



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