Friday, May 11, 2012


When look my blog view, you should know that I love GALAXY pattern. Yeah, the fact is Ive been loving this pattern so MUCH! Insane of this pattern because look so cool and up to stunning. Sad to realize that I never had anything with this pattern.. but no problem one day I will make dress with this pattern! hope Ill find fabric of this pattern  on my city J
             So guys, this is some my new designs about my  craziness of GALAXY pattern. I hope you Guys love it! Check this out J

by: Angelica Hennata

by: Angelica Hennata

by: Angelica Hennata

What do you think about it? shared it with comment on below this post. I always wait for ur comment, always make me happy!
                                Anyway, before intern.. I really busy of practice lessons on my school. make some dress for myself, party dress for my little sister, skirt, and bustier top. So wish me luck guys, It my pleasure to share it for you guys, so wait for it J
            For some request that Ive not done, sorry for waiting. its being processed, and I will post it when Ive done. sooooo, please be patient J
   Last,  Thanks for my ex Junior in my JHS for featured me on her blog. after featured my illustration on her side bar at her blog, now she featured on her new post. really Im so honored! thank you so much pretty girl, Lisa from Lisa and her world.
featured on Lisa and her world - "A few weeks ago, I did blogwalking to Angelica Hennata's blog, the creative and smart girl from Luciole Vivace. I must say, truly from my heart, that her designs and drawings are really great! I've never seen design like that. She's designer in the making. Once again, thankyou Angelica Hennata! And one shocking fact is she's my senior in my JHS, BHK. Gosh, I feel so honored that she received my request :)"

Love YA,

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  1. you are soooo talented , one day you will be a fashion desinger and i'll be like i knew herrrr lol!!!! x

  2. Great designs!

    Follow me and i'll follow you back soon :)

  3. wow i love this!
    so amazing <3

  4. They look awesome! you are very talented :) I love the last design! <3

  5. ahhh you are so artistic! i'm so jealous :( wish i can have an illustration from you too :(

    Visit my blog? xx Miss Beatrix (

  6. ahh! love your fashion illustrations<3
    so envy when visit their who already have yours!
    may I have some too? :(

  7. Amazing work. The pics are perfect and the post is fantastic. Thank you so much for your lovely comment on my blog!!
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  8. You're so talented. Goodluck for the next design. bhk jhs mana? aku dulu di bhk cibubur hehe

    1. thanks :) BHK JHS di jelambar, Jakarta Barat :)

  9. your designs are great! Can I ask you to design a header for me? :)

  10. Sorry I cant find sponsors for you but if you had any I would be supporting you and checking them out!! :) I do that with every blog I visit <3 Just to show some love!!! Great pictures!

    Have a beautiful day


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