Saturday, April 7, 2012

Hey :D

heyhooooo!! long time no see :D really busy with this things huh.. move to aunty’s house now and I swear it’s really tired. but, nevermind  .. I really miss this blog, miss to post my design and all about my life J on easter holiday, I just went to church everyday and played with my little sister. I teached her about drawing, painting and all about it and I’ve super fun time. she and I is super narciss, now, here some photos about me and my little sister.

kyaaaaaaaaaa, my little sister is so cuteeeee :3 her full name is Maria Louisa Baby Hennata and i usually call her 'Baby' XD
anw, sorry for pending request, now i am completing the request. so please be patient and thanks for keep read my blog :*


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thanks for evryone who visits my blog and support me
and thanks for the sweet comment :)

Angelica Hennata