Thursday, March 22, 2012

Busy :(

          I really busy right now.. there are a lot of school task that I must to do, and I’m move on to my aunty’s house now. until I’ve graduated from vocational high school. So, I must packing my things and tidy up in aunty’s house. for pending request sorry to you that must wait until I can do it. thank you J

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  1. All the best of luck with the packing and school tasks! <3

    Much love,

  2. good luck dear...... nice blog dear if u like mine too may be v can follow each other

    A giveaway on ma blog too

  3. Neat post and love your blog... would you like to follow each other!

    My Lyfe ; My Story


     Also, I am planning on giving out shout out to my readers, so if you are interested please be free to send me a quick message and I will gladly do it =0

  4. Good luck sweetheart! But don't forget to keep your chicness, lovely! ;)

    MLU the blog.

  5. Wish you the best for your new life capter! Keep us updated;)

    Wanna follow each other? I start now;)

    Kisses from Berlin


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