Friday, March 16, 2012

New Look & New Banner

New Look & New Banner

                Today was a busy day J because, I think today is special. For some reason. I change my blog from VIVACE become LUCIOLE VIVACE it’s French language. LUCIOLE is mean Firefly, and VIVACE is mean Everlasting.. even I’ve never seen fireflies, but I really love fireflies. I think they’re very beautiful J about everlasting, I just want make this blog everlasting.. That’s all HAHA. hmm, the background i got from :D  

Wanna see my bunch of Design?Here!

I really need some theme for my design … if you have any idea please ask me, I’ll design it and later when I post it I’ll write that was a request from you J

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  1. one word......WOW. UR AWESOME

  2. hola! como estan? somos dos diseñadores de Venezuela! nos gustaria que ustedes vieran nuestro trabajo!

    hello! how are you? we are two designers from Venezuela! we would like you to see our work!



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