Friday, March 16, 2012

Never mind, i will find someone like you

Never mind, i will find someone like you
I wish nothing but the best for you

i Loved you yesterday
i love you still
i always have
i always still

it's always been you

Never mind I will find someone like you..

        I miss it when you sat next to me, laughed together, told any story that we want to share, anything about you, anything about us.. I miss it really The way you walked, the way you laughed, the way you smiled, the way you shy, realize that ure so amazing in my eyes..
        I remember what you wore on our first day,You came into my Life.. That day is so amazing.. I remember that night, something bloom and we saw a fireflies out there, laughed together..
        For the first time, I realize.. just me that love you.. you never love me back. No problem, I just want to keep this feeling.. keep go on and keep trying..
        You go, so far away.. I can't reach you.. I can't take you back, I just can let you go..     

NB: photos with Canon Ixus 220HS with Poster effect and color accent. the quotes on 1st & 2nd it's from song 'someone like you'. 3rd quote i take from my friend display picture on blackberry. 4th quote is from novel 'Refrain'. about the post, some sentences i take from a songs 'someone like you' and 'two is better than one'.

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