Wednesday, March 14, 2012

a bunch of my LIFE

 a Bunch of my LIFE

Heyhoo!   Want to hear about me and my all my design? Here… hmmm, I just a simple girl who haven’t many clothes in my cupboard. When I was child, I don’t care about it. I just keep go on for my simple life.
One day, my Mom saw my design, not good at all. Really! my design when I was a little girl was so terrible. But she asked me, “do you want to be a fashion designer?”. I just asked back  “What?”, and she tell me that a fashion designer is someone who create, make, and produce a clothes. Our daily clothes, party dress, party gown, costumes, wedding dress, and all that we wear it any time and any place. I instantly fell in love with it.  And when I was 10th, my wanna be fashion designer life is began.
Initially, design is my hobby. But… over the time, design become my daily activities. When I bored, angry, happy, annoyed, fell in love,etc I love to design. That’s make my simple life become to marvelous life J
My sister friend’s asked me to go to St. Maria Vacational high school. Because at there I can learn about how and what I must attention to become a fashion designer. And she is right! School at St. Maria Vacational high school is bring me to begin my dream. I learn how about sewing, pattern making, design,etc. My design that was terrible, now is passable. Past, I can’t made a clothes but now I can although I’m still a beginner. I love to school in here, I love the teacher, I love all my classmate even we usually fight for a little problem. But all of this is bring me to think that become a fashion designer is not simple at all.
I do love designing. I love how I can throw the brush on my design. I love it so much. I can’t design with much bunch of think that I must make this design to be good. I designing when my heart just tell me how and what I will designed.
About the color. I never think what color must I throw on my design I just throw it randomly. It will be perfectly but can be really terrible J but I love to design with my own style. I’m not scared to show my design on my blog or facebook, or pinterest. I’m not scared to be copied. I just love to share what I love with any people in the world who love my design. So thanks for you to love my design and support me to be fashion designer someday. :)

i love use lyra brush, and Pelikan water color to coloring my design :)

Wanna see my bunch of Design?Here!

I really need some theme for my design … if you have any idea please ask me, I’ll design it and later when I post it I’ll write that was a request from you J

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  1. the illustration is so adorable!!


  2. you are absolutely brilliant..x

  3. Beautiful pictures. You have a lovely blog :)
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  4. your drawings are beautiful! you def are talented!! :)

  5. Your designs are so beautiful, you really have a lot of talent and I wish you the best in becoming a famous fashion designer !

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  6. really got great talent!! thanks for stopping by with your sweet comments!


  7. you're very talented! envy you :(
    this blog you, did you designed it by your self? :D


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