Monday, March 19, 2012

Gatsby Glamour

Gatsby Glamour
o    flapper dresses
o    lavish beading or a feathers

Design by: Angelica Hennata
Inspiration from:

Today, I was design this.. Gatsby Glamour.. it’s about flapper dresses, it’s about lavish beading or a feathers. Someday I want to make dress like this for party with my friends. J

*Design by: Angelica Hennata
*Color : water color 'Pelikan'
*sketching and coloring by hand.
*edited on Photoshop cs3

*Design by: Angelica Hennata
*Color : water color 'Pelikan'
*sketching and coloring by hand.
*edited on Photoshop cs3  

and anyway, I change my banner again. Haha, it’s very funny that I often change my banner. Sorry, but I really easy to get bored J about the banner, I use the luciole theme. Luciole mean fireflies so I use night scene and there are light that mean that are firefly J anyway about my English word, sorry I often wrong about it, because I’m not smart about English. Hehe J
ilus, designed and edited by: Angelica Hennata
edited on: photoshop CS 3 

Wanna see my bunch of Design?Here!

I really need some theme for my design … if you have any idea please ask me, I’ll design it and later when I post it I’ll write that was a request from you J

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  1. I love all the designs, love.
    You are so talented. And yes, I love the new banner.

    P.S. Thank you very much!
    I'm now following you back on GFC and followed you
    on bloglovin' too! See you around, darling.

    Have a great day!

  2. Sweety, i just looked and found your design in pinterest, and all are beyond cool <3 <3

    But, i'm so terribly blind with design , i can't give you clear ideas about new theme hehehe.. But, i think it would be great if your design is have a touch of sweet, nude pink, and vintage <3 <3


    1. i will design it, especially for you. thanks for the request :*

  3. Like it ! A bit futuristic mixed with feathers = cool :D
    Btw I like the banner Ngel :D

  4. your drawings are so amazing! i wish i'm as talented as you are. :)


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