Saturday, August 18, 2012

dear dreams, please be come true!

Such a really busy month :<
Yeah, deadline hurry me to do something with my wedding dress, hell yeah stress out. Too slow to finish it because ci Melta is busy with her work too, so i must help her. Yeah, it’s almost end of August and in first September i’ll start to take internship at Kawanku Magzine. Too bad, i will really miss to work at Melta Tan boutique *yeah, already.. but, really excited to take internship at Kawanku magazine, i hope it will really nice :) 
Back about my wedding dress, i will finish it as soon as posible and take a photoshoot and of course i will post it later! 
Anw, I will open my personal fashion brand for webstore.. maybe about end of this year *maybe. I sell dress and skirt for my first collection and maybe with hair pieces too. Do you excited to know it? Aaaah, for me i really really excited. My mom and dad  really support me to do this. Yeah, because i will not going to take fashion design after graduate from high school, why? It’s too expensive and i’m not a person who have a lot of money. So i love my life and altough i can’t take school for fashion, my dream still to be fashion designer, and it’s step for me to raise my dream. So i hope u guys will support me too <3
Now i’m part of someone webstore project, of course as a designer with my blogger friend. And YEAY as soon  it will launching for end of Sept.  And now we preparing for photoshoot and i really excited of it. i will tell you guys later about it <3

This some art work this week, yeah.. in my busy time i have a lot of super lazy time so i do this when i dont want to do anything except drawing some art <3
Now, Thanks for beautiful young girl, Bernadeth G from Miss Beatrix who Featured my illustration for her on her blog. Thank you so much!

"You may not recall this outfit that I wore almost two years ago for a school event (from this post). Thanks to Angelica Hennata for drawing this one for me, you can see my photo wearing this gown and the original artwork on her blog!" - real post

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  1. you're really good at illustration!

    Joyce @

  2. you're real talented :DDDD love the design,gorg <3333
    anw C O N G R A T U L A T I O N sweetie! you've got an award from my blog :)) go check it out at my blog, and keep posting! your blog is lovely xxx

  3. Hi, Ange! Cannot wait for your new fashion label! ;) Bet you'd be a great designer!!

    Hugs and kiss kiss,


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