Tuesday, July 17, 2012


“hapiness come when we stop complaining about the troubles we have and offer thanks for all the troubles we don’t have.”
Today i got this special word from my junior. It’s really mean to me for all the troubles that come recently. Yeah, it’s a hard year, but i try to keep going with my life.. Face the world and keep being me.

Anw guys, now i’m live in apt, rental for it for 3 months *of course w my lovely family* and after that  i’ll go to dormitory school. the connetion internet in here is really full of suck and really pissed me off. Fortunely at garden apt is better than my apt, so now i’m blogging on gazebo at garden apt.
Recently  ci Melta (owner of my internship place) told me that i must make new design for wedding dress.. and i’ve do it. And hell yeayyy, she choosed one of my three design!! :D

the first design

third design and yeay she choosed this! :) 

Again and again i want to shared about my days at there (again)

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not made by me, but isn't it beautiful?
made by ci Melta :)

I really miss blogging but i’m too busy for it so, sorry for really long time for post, i try to post anything about my amazing days,so keep reading and visiting. I really thankfull of ur guys. See yaa next time!! 

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  1. oo myy you're really such a talented designer, can't help myself starring at your illustration :333 adore the second one, but all of them are gorg though <33

  2. Kereeen hooong mau warna apaaa XD aku lebih naksir yg ketiga sih tp semuanya keren hahaha XD

    1. wrna off white ci, it will looks good ga ya? hahaha. tkut ga kekejer >_< thanks ci <3

  3. Omg ci so great designs!! I love the third anyway :)

  4. I always love your design <3


  5. These are some gorgeous illustrations.

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