Wednesday, March 14, 2012



Hey Guys. Wanna tell you something, recently I’m very bored. You know why? Because I’m off from school for 2 weeks, yeah it’s a holiday!  But really, I’ve nothing to do now. Last week until yesterday, I prepare for apprentice interview. Prepare the portofolio, worksheet, product and heart to go on. This morning, I’ve met Ms. Melta Yani. She’s  Fashion Designer from Melta Tan. I’ve met her before on Fashion Designer Competition on PREMIERE 2012 by Penabur Inter High School, she’s the one of jury for that event with the famous young fashion blogger, callmediiiyn *she’s so gorgeous you know?!* . Ms. Melta is so nice, so kind, creative and inspire. Happy to know that I’ll apprentice at there for this 1st June until 30th Sept. Don’t ask about her work, SO AMAZING!! I love her design, so flawless. But, about her style, she is a simple girl. The way she dress up is good for me, simple but cool :D wanna see her producks? Here it is…..
AMAZING isn’t it? Want to make a Gown Party? 17th Costume? Wedding Dress? Or Shoes? 

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  1. I really love seeing a woman wearing wedding dress. They always look gorgeous!

    This is the first time I saw ur blog, and I find it interesting. Mind to follow each other?

  2. yess you right ! the dress really amazing . btw hope you win in the competition.

    ps : i love your blog, you're so talented :)

  3. me too hun! I followed you on twitter, and bloglovin too! Please do the same ;)!

  4. Oh wow, that's amazing! Congrats on the apprenticeship, girl :)
    Her work is just gorgeous!

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  5. ehh mau magang disana yaa?:'D kapan?hahaha


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