Sunday, December 30, 2012

FD-40 Fashion Show

                Last 15th Dec ago, My Classmate and of course me, made a little fashion show for Open House St. Maria. Of course this fashion show was our creations. From Party dress, Kebaya, Wedding dress is all made by us. All of us just only can choose 1 dress to show it. I choose my Kebaya to show it. It’s my last creation of all. And thanks God it’s finished 3 days before the show. Haha J our pride to show 20 dresses last 15th and wait our big fahsion show next year! I’ll invited you to join us of course J

before the show
with my models wearing my Kebaya 
my model wearing my kebaya on stage
aprilia's kebaya and my kebaya on stage
with my model wearing my kebaya on stage
before the show : bella, me and maria
with bella, vivi, rike:)
with my classmate, Maria. she have a perfect body to be a model! *she wearing Sofia's Kebaya
Risa wearing chelle's cocktail dress
sza-sza the one of my classmate wearing Jojo's Kebaya
April with her model, my junior
Audrey with her model, maria
chelle with her model
rike with her model
12of 17 designers 
they are our models! thank you guys :)

after Modern Dance show at Open House st. Marie
with my beloved classmate!
it's really my pleasure to ask you this. if you need fahsion consultan or fashion designer for design  your party dress or fashion designer to your label? just contact me :)
It’s about Melta Tan

by: Melta Tan
by: Melta Tan
by: Melta Tan
by: Melta Tan
by: Melta Tan

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  1. pretty kebaya :) happy new year anw! xo

  2. i love your kebaya ngel hehe it looks traditional on top and modern on the bottom! well doneeee, suka bgt hehe <3

    Letters To Juliet

  3. so pretty :3 always lovee kebaya! :D

    just followed your blog , mind to follow me back ? thanks! :D

  4. angel you are very very talented! really love your designs <3

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