Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Hey felaas :) Now, i've started internship and because of that i really super busy. overtime finish work make me can't post anything :( sorry for all pending request. i really2 busy right now :( you guys must be upset to me. so sorry. but anw, i want to share about my days internship at Melta Tan boutique. actually, she really nice person, really funny and also really and super creative designer. i really have a good time at there. although i only help her just a little things, but it's made me learn much things :) so really thank you for her to give me a change internship at her boutique. Now, here are some pictures that i help her to finished the gown. she really inspired people :)
Erna Liu's Gown by Melta Tan
Diana's sweet 17th birthday gown and hair pieces by Melta Tan

about inspirare competition, my work made it into top 100. yeah 100!! what the hell. really not confident to win this competition. my rival must be really have a good work. but wish me luck. it will announcement this 15th June :D


  1. love the gown,it's flawless xxx and congrats dear, i hope you'll win, i love all of your designs :DDD

  2. totally lovee the gown and hope you enjoy the internship!i'm sure you'll learn a lot

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