Thursday, April 26, 2012

Busy week in a bad feeling + 'a shared dream' fashion show

  Hey Guys, this week is my Exam week. try harder to study and hope will get a good mark. evidently, when i saw the result of my exam.. hmm, really.. is not good at all. really upset and get stressed. :( fuh, nevermind.  Anway, my other activities this week are.. first, i must prepare for my class portolio design. my teacher give me responsibility to prepare it. this portofolio will be exhibited on this Saturday, 28th April 2012. What event? Yeah, my Seniors create a fashion show this year :) i proud to be their junior! it will be held this Saturday, 28th April 2012 at 2-4p.m @ PLUIT VILLAGE MALL. be there for free guys! :) and another responsibility is i will be responsible on the exhibition of of our major at this event!! so Come and Join. bring your family and friends and watch a marvelous fashion show by St. Marie Vacational High School creations. :) see ya!

actually this poster isn't realy poster for this event. i just made it special for my blog :)
By: Angelica Hennata
on Photoshop Cs3
and here's some new sketch from my class portofolio :)
Blucean Roses.
by: Angelica Hennata
Sketch and coloring by hand
edited on photoshop CS3

Alice in Wonderland
by: Angelica Hennata
Sketch and coloring by hand
edited on photoshop CS3

althought this week made me so upset but this some peoples make me really proud of my self :) THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR FEATURED ME :) i'm feel honored :*

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get featured on Voguish doodles. "Last but not least, I'm so happy to have received my first illustration drawn by one of my amazingly talented reader slash blogger friend, Angelica Hennata of Luciole Vivace. She draw several of my style from my blogposts, and you guys should check her drawing out. ;) This is one of my fave, out of 6 drawings she made me! Awhhh, thank you so much girly!! *smooch*"

my illustartion on

once again, THANK YOU SO MUCH :)

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  1. ternyata jago desain poster juga d^^b

  2. your drawings are amazing <3

  3. You deserve it, girl! *smoochies*

  4. Omigosh, I like your drawing and design. I like drawing, too. Used to awarded lots from small drawing competition during primary school / high school. But, I never choose this path way. Anyway, decide to following you! Support you!

    Latest: 22 years old [Happy Birthday]

  5. wow you are such a talented girl xx love those skteches <33 good luck fot the fashion show too :*
    anw fol you now,do visit mine if you've time :D

  6. amazing! the designs are cute and pretty! you make me asdfghjkl, dear!

  7. your pics too great :)

    join my first give away ;

  8. drawing is amazing.....

  9. Superb sketch! I love your sketch, you're so talented :)

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  10. Very very very inspiring. We love! ;) Keep inspiring sweetheart!

    PS: Check out our new second DIY tutorial series for your Spring-accessories inspiration! ;)

    MLU the blog.

  11. Hi dear, what a cute blog you have!
    And your designs ar wonderful as well...
    Thanks for leaving sweet comment on my blog, it's a pleasure visiting yours! <3

    Take care talented girl!

    Bisous xx
    Clara -

  12. you are great so I think you are worth to follow! I'm craving your works..really..


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