Monday, March 5, 2012

Ret-ret 2012

Ret-ret at  
Pratista (Bandung)
                Tanggal 3-5 Maret kemarin, seluruh anak kelas XI SMK St. Maria pergi Ret2 ke Pratista Bandung. Hmm, actually itu ret2 paling bagus diantara ret2 lain yang pernah gue ikutin! Romonya baik dan gokil abis. Cara penyampaian mereka tuh ga bertele-tele dan gampang banget dimengerti. Sesi-sesi yang biasanya bikin anak2 bosen dan ngantuk dibikin jadi semangat banget sama romo-romonya. Pokoknya seru abis. Now, here are some pictures :
with my lovely bestfriends :3 Jessica, Rike, Michelle and Angelia 
With my classmate :3 
Nyonyo doll's really cute!!! :3
in my room number 2. *paling ujung dan paling bawah T___T* 
With my classmate @ PRATISTA 
Jessica with her chubby cheek >___<
Langit sama pemandangan disana bener2 indah loh!! ga pagi ga siang ga malem ! :D

With Jessica, purple!!
Michelle with jessica DSLR's 
nyonyo's is too cutee >__<
my roommate; johanna, rike and angelia. they are really CRAZY girls!

she looks really funny! look at her socks OMG hahahahha
love the color blue :3

Take the pictures with Camera Canon Ixus 220 HS

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